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Make sure you register on the REAL Official Website, check the website address at the top to make sure it reads “bitcoindigitalbot[dot]com”. Only the with no additional words or hyphens in the address.

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Paul V. London

Profit: £ 11,823

"I feel truly lucky to have joined this program. I never though it could be this simple to generate money on the internet and what’s been even better than making money is that I had a chance to meet some super-interesting people along the way."

Iris S. Frankfurt

Profit: € 9,874

"Schönen Tag, I’ve been using this system for just over 25 days now. I can finally say that I have achieved financial independence! Vielen Dank, Bitcoin Digital!"

Steve Y. Rotterdam

Profit: € 42,543

"I used to work at as a store manager and was introduced to this system by one of my customers. When I quit my day job to do this full time, my friends thought I was insane. Best €250 investment I ever made!"

Helen M. Stockholm

Profit: € 12,541

"I was a young stay-at home mother, now my kids have grown up and left … I was very bored and really tried to motivate myself to do anything that would make me some money. Thanks to Bitcoin Digital I feel like I got my life back and can’t wait to wake up each morning to check my balance. I thought I was finished. Now I’m making as much as €500 per day!"


Tested results with 99.4%% level of accuracy and performance. One of the best performing systems in the industry. Our members from around the world trust us to double triple and even quadruple their investments every day.


Our unique algo-robotic trading software has been built using advanced programming and coding scripts designed by top engineers and analysts. The software operates by staying ahead of the financial markets by 0.01 seconds. This 'time gap’ advantage makes our algo-trading app the most consistent trading system in the market.


Bitcoin Digital has won various awards in the financial services and consulting industry. We don’t like to boast, so we prefer letting you see the results for yourself. It will without a doubt be the best investment you’ll ever make (guaranteed).


Step 1

Complete the form on this website to register, gain access to the program, and open your free trading account. If you are accepted, you will be granted immediate access to your account. Make sure to enter your correct details.

Step 2

Everyone has heard the saying “you need money to make money” - and in reality this phrase is very true! Like any business, a working capital is required in order to get started. We suggest you deposit at least
£/€/$250 into your account.

Step 3

Work directly with your personal on-boarding manager and start profiting instantly. It is very important you enter your correct phone number so your dedicated on-boarding manager can reach you and help you get started generating profits.



What type of results can I expect?

Most members Bitcoin Digital Members typically generates profits ranging from €500 to €2000 every day. However, members who spend more than 5 hours a day make significantly more.

How many hours per day do I work on the program?

You are not required to work like you would in a regular work environment, it’s recommended to work around 10-20 mins per day then check-in every now and then to see how your trades are performing.

Can I work from my mobile device?

Yes, the web applications are all mobile-friendly. You can work from any location in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

How much does this cost?

Access to the program is currently FREE. You are however required to deposit/invest €250 to activate your account. This is your money and you don’t have to use it all at once. Remember, you can withdraw your funds at any time you wish.

Are there any fees?

The application charges a very small percentage of your profits. This is how the program generates revenue and pays for your account managers salary and other operating expenses.

How long does it take to start making money?

You can start making money instantly. Deposit at least €250 into your account, then you will receive priority and your onboarding manager will phone you within 30mins (Mon-Fri).